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Stiga Table Tennis Accessories RUCKSACK STRIPE

₹ 1,545.00 excl tax ₹ 1,440.00 excl tax

Elegently Designed Stiga Bag. Red/Black

Stiga Table Tennis Accessories BAT COVER STRIPE

₹ 370.00 excl tax ₹ 360.00 excl tax

Stripe Design with Pocket of 3 Balls.

Stiga Table Tennis Accessories BAT WALLET STRIPE

₹ 555.00 excl tax ₹ 550.00 excl tax

Stiga Bat Wallet Stripe with Room for 2 T.T. Bats.

Stiga Table Tennis Accessories Edge Tape

₹ 555.00 excl tax ₹ 550.00 excl tax

For 10 Bats, Roll of 5 Mtr Length

Stiga Table Tennis Accessories KIT BAG STRIPE

₹ 2,685.00 excl tax ₹ 2,510.00 excl tax

Elegently Designed Stiga Kit Bag. Red/Black

Stiga Table Tennis Accessories Match Clip

₹ 925.00 excl tax ₹ 875.00 excl tax

Net and Post, Quick Install, Remove with Clip System

Stiga Table Tennis Accessories OPTIMISER GLUE 25ML

₹ 1,130.00 excl tax ₹ 1,010.00 excl tax

Optimizer Bond Technology Glue is our new non-flammable, non-toxic, VOC-free and environmentally friendly water based glue. Integrated sponge applicator for an easy handling.


₹ 12,650.00 excl tax ₹ 12,000.00 excl tax


Stiga_ CARBONADO 145

₹ 14,250.00 excl tax ₹ 14,200.00 excl tax

TEXTREME CARBON, BEGINNER SWEET SPOT, HIGH SPEED (L/M/W) TEXTREME. Carbonado blades we have taken carbon blade manufacturing to a new level by using a made in Sweden carbon technology known as TeXtreme®. The blades are built with five layers of wood and two layers of lightweight TeXtreme® Spread Tow Carbon fibers. Carbonado 145 is constructed with Carbon layers in a 45 degree angle with torsional bendability which gives the blade more flexibility and increased stiffness. The high trajectory makes it a perfect choice for the offensive player who looks for good speed and stability combined with excellent control.