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ISO 100 Protein Powder

ISO-100 is an all around very solid product, which is rather surprising considering the company that makes it. They have made a few great products in the past, but this one is actually amazing. It would have been ranked much higher if it weren’t for this one HUGE mistake. Read the following ISO 100 protein powder review to find out what it is!
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Dymatize’s ISO-100 has a very impressive nutrition label with the exception of their use of genetically modified soy oil (discussed in more depth later in this review). Each serving includes a solid stack of amino acids, which is absolutely key for recovery and growth.

ISO-100 has an impressive 5.5 grams of BCAAs per serving, coming in second for BCAAs after Rule One Protein which contains over 6 grams per serving. One of the most important BCAAs, the aforementioned Leucine, is a big part of why this product could likely be effective. It contains 2.7 grams per serving, which is almost as much as Rule One’s 3.2 grams of Leucine per serving.